Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro z2121 password reset


Platform: ZUK
Selected model: Z2121
Put the phone into EDL mode:
1. Power phone OFF;
2. Press and hold “Vol+” button;
3. Simultaneously press “Power” button and connect USB cable (don’t release “Vol+” and “Power” buttons until phone is not connected);
Found phone on COM93
Mode: Qualcomm 9008
Reading info…
QC HW ID: 009470E100000000
QC CPU: Snapdragon 820 MSM8996
QC SW VER: 00000000
Searching loader…
Sending loaders…
Loader send successfuly.
Chip SN: D83E6A94
Checking request..
Checking request..
Reading partition…
Reading info…
Brand: ZUK
Model: ZUK Z2121
Device: z2_row
Platform: msm8996
Android version: 7.0
Display ID: NRD90M dev-keys
Firmware version: 2.5.335_170116
Writing userdata…
Writing cache…
Rebooting phone
Backup saved as ZUK_ZUK Z2121_12-11-2020_13-42-52.dump file
Factory Reset is successfully performed!

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